The New American Judaism

    For centuries, the synagogue and the congregational rabbi stood at the center of Jewish life

    Cease-Fire Emerges as Key to Israeli-Saudi Normalization

    Israelis are wary of empowering a Palestinian state.

    The Syrian Conflict: The Myth of Containment and the Realities of Accountability

    How and why the international community failed Syria

    How Lobbying and Advocacy Shape America’s Political Landscape

    Lobbying and advocacy play an integral role in the American political system

    WH: Washington remains committed to de-escalating tensions in the ME

     Iran needs to decide whether it wants an open war with the United States

    Saudi Arabia’s tireless efforts to end the war in Gaza

    The world expects more from Saudi Arabia and its leaders.

    GOP senator, Qatar ambassador spar over Hamas in Doha

    We have two stalwart partners, Qatar and Egypt

    Don’t Squrim: Biden Does Another Major Favor For Iran

    Biden administration has granted over $50 billion in sanctions relief to Iran

    Israel’s war on Hamas poses major test for US-led Abraham Accords

    KSA holds massive military, financial and spiritual influence in the region

    WHIA Picture of the Week

    Israeli attacks in Deir Al Balah, Gaza.
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