United States-Saudi Arabia Relationship: Eight Decades of Partnership

    United States and Saudi Arabia have longstanding and robust cultural and educational ties

    WHIA Week in Picture

    The Picture of the week by WHIA editor from Kabul

    Meet “The Butcher,” the leader who was never supposed to lead

    what does that tell us about the US’ commitment to Syria?

    Jill Biden to attend Jordanian royal wedding as part of trip to Mideast, North Africa

    Biden last visited Africa in February, with a trip to Namibia and Kenya.

    Memorial Day: Honoring the Nation’s Heroes

    Flowers are placed on the graves of veterans in local cemeteries

    WHIA, The Independent News Platform from the White House

    Marah Bukai is a White House Senior Correspondent, and WHIA founder and Editor-in-Chief.

    Yemen National Unity Day

    U.S. commitment to helping Yemenis create a brighter future for their country

    ‘Betrayed and let down’: Syrians react as Assad welcomed back to Arab fold

    WHIA- Washington Post Story by Adela Suliman, Missy Ryan “The international community has failed us…

    Honoring human rights champion Andrei Sakharov

    WHIA- ShareAmerica By Michael Laff Renowned musicians will pay tribute to Andrei Sakharov, the famed…
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